Features of 29MNAIL

At 29MNAIL our professionals propose the best methods to suit the customer needs.
Besides the fasionable nail art we do, 29MNAIL can also treat troubled nails.
The usual misconception of “gel nails is that it causes the thining of nails” be rest assured our technicians have learned the appropriate techniques to minimise nail damages so that everyone can have worry free nails.
In addition, 29MNAIL treats bitten nails and ingrown nails and etc.
29MNAIL also offers Japan ( JNEC Level 3, 2 and 1 ) nail courses, nail art courses, single lash courses and many more

When is the best time to visit 29MNAIL

To keep your nails healthy …..

29MNAIL not only cleans your nails, but also turns damaged nail into healthy nails
We can restore nails without taking a rest from gel nails, treating original thinned nails is also one of our specialty.
Maintaing healthy nails for our clients is our top priority

Again we cannot stress enough is that if you have any probelms with your ingrown nails please
do contact us, we would help you to resolve and improve the condition with the fastest method

Flow of Nail Treatment

1. Counseling

We will evaluate the condition of the nail before proposing our menu to the client

If you would like to dress-up, enlarge your nails and or treat bitten nails, do pay us a visit so that
we can help you.

2. Design

If you have any desired nail design you can forward the image to us or if you are undecisive on the
design we have many carefully crafted designs for you to choose.
If you are new to this, rest assured that we would be able to craft the design to suit you
Mixing and matching of different designs as also allowed

3. The treatment has started

While you sit back and relax during a session at 29MNAIL, you can enjoy a movie or show of your

4. Completion

29MNAIL uses good quality gel that is gentle on your nails.
Not only is the gel gentle on your nails, we priorities hygiene and under our handling, your nails
can last you up to a month!

You can enjoy your favourite design for as long as possible with 29MNAIL

Please Take Note

In the following cases, we reserved all rights to refuse future appointments / reservations

1. Cancellation or lateness without informing 29MNAIL
2. Violation of store policies during your appointment
3. Unconcerned physically interaction with our staff
4. Unruling behavior in public or at our salon
5. Causing inconvenience to other clients in store
6. Attending an appointment with an untreated infectious skin or internal diseases
7. Illegal behaviour in our salon
8. Any other malicious behaviour within our salon will not be tolerated

* Cancellations *

As time is precious on both ends, it is required for all clients to call to cancel their appointment
1 hour before their assigned appointment time, if fail to do so a cancellation fee is required.
Cancellation without informing would not be entertained infuture.

* Personal belongings *

29MNAIL will not be held responsible for the misplacement of clients’ personal belongings so
we strongly advise clients to keep personal belongings with them at all times.